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Who are we?

The Calgary Cardiovascular Network (CCN) is a local group whose mandate is to work together with all interested parties to prevent and control both heart disease and stroke in our communities. The network is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral group made up of representatives of the medical, nursing, nutrition, psychological and fitness professions, community and volunteer agencies, commodity groups, retailers and education. This group is committed to the Calgary Cardiovascular Network being an action-orientated network whose work focuses on four strategic priorities:





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Why is the development of a Calgary Cardiovascular Network Important?

Cardiovascular disease (including heart disease and stroke) is the leading cause of death and suffering in Canada and as a result is the major source of health care expenditures. Over one third of deaths in Canada are attributable to cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, the prevalence of many cardiovascular risk factors is increasing with the real possibility of this disease overwhelming the capacity of our health care system.

The impact of cardiovascular disease is largely preventable through:

  • Prevention of the development of risk factors
  • Comprehensive treatment of risk factors in those who develop them
  • Effective management of the disease for those who are living with it

The individual cannot be the only focus for change. Strategies need to be implemented at a community level. In the Calgary area this requires the formation of a network of dedicated and interested individuals and organizations working together to create an environment where healthy living is a routine way of life.

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A Brief History

Spring 2000 - An ad hoc group was formed to discuss the need to develop a coordinated community approach to the control of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors in the Calgary area.

June 2000 - A feasibility study was conducted which concluded that there was support for the concept of a coalition to support cardiovascular disease prevention.

November 2000 - A planning workshop was held for the Calgary Cardiovascular Network. Out of this workshop the Calgary Cardiovascular Network was formed, and the interim executive committee and structure and leadership, resources, communications and blood pressure workgroups were established. Click here to view the Planning Workshop Report.

December 2000 - April 2001 - The network has focused its efforts on increasing coordination, awareness and advocacy of blood pressure prevention and control in the Calgary region.

April 2001 - The Organizational Meeting of the Calgary Cardiovascular Network was held on April 9th. The guest speaker was the Hon. Gary Mar, Q.C. Attendance at the meeting was approximately 100. An Interim Report of the CCN (November 2000 - March 2001) was presented. The governance and fiscal agency agreements were adopted, and the slate for the upcoming Steering Committee was presented and adopted.

June 2002 - The First Annual Meeting of the CalgaryCardiovascular Network was held on June 13th, 2002. The morning speakers both challenged us to bring the opportunity of cardiovascular disease promotion and prevention to reality as well as showcasing local Calgary Initiatives that are playing significant roles in CVD prevention and control.

The activities of the CCN for the past year were showcased in the afternoon. Highlights are captured in the report - Annual Report 2001-2002: A Collaborative Approach to Heart Health Promotion & Disease Prevention.

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"Communities where healthy living is the routine way of life."


"Working together to prevent and control cardiovascular disease in our communities through active coordination, awareness, and advocacy."

Guiding Principles

Optimal health for our citizens and the general public
Mutual respect so that we trust one another to work together cooperatively for the good of our communities
Community focus through the input and involvement of our citizens, interested groups and organizations
Equity in the interests of fairness and justice for our citizens
Credibility through research-based approaches to best practices for the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease
Integrity through our commitment to follow through on plans

Key Strategic Priorities

The work of the Calgary Cardiovascular Network
focuses around the strategic priorities of:


Initial focus has been on the prevention and control of high blood pressure and on the promotion of healthy eating and active living. Acknowledging that these and several other risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease development are also risk factors for other chronic diseases, we are pursuing expanded partnership development. Increasing linkages with stakeholders working to prevent other chronic diseases has the potential to increase community capacity in health promotion and risk factor prevention.


The network is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral group made up of representatives of the medical, nursing, nutrition, psychological and fitness professions, community and volunteer agencies, commodity groups, retailers and educators.


The CCN does not have a consistent funding base. Funding is currently provided by donations from member organizations and interested parties as well as special project funding secured through successful grant applications. In-kind contributions from CCN members, most notably through committee and task team work are integral to the sustainability of the network.

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