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You can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease:

Reduce Your Risk - Achieve Healthy Blood Cholesterol Levels

If you have high blood cholesterol or high blood triglyercide levels, you are more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke. You are at a higher risk for unhealthy blood lipid levels and heart disease if someone in your immediate family (parent, brother or sister) has high blood cholesterol and/or blood triglyceride.

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Check out these Programs

Programs and Services in the Calgary Area

  • Free Blood Cholesterol Screening
    Have your blood cholesterol checked by trained staff at selected fire stations in Calgary. If you are 20 years of age or older you can participate in this free, drop-in program. For information on the dates, times and locations of the next "Cholesterol Days" , contact the Calgary Fire Department at (403) 287-4257.
  • Lifestyle Classes
    Attend one of the lifestyle classes for people who have high blood cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. For more information call: (403) 943-2665, or to register call: (403) 943-2660
  • Grocery Shopping Tours
    Attend one of the grocery shopping tours led by a Registered Dietitian from the Calgary Health Region Diabetes, Hypertension & Cholesterol Centre. Call (403) 943-2665 to register or for more information.
  • Heart Healthy Eating Class
    Attend a Heart Healthy Eating class offered by the outpatient dietitians at the Peter Lougheed Centre and the Rockyview Hospital. The class is designed for people with heart disease and/or elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Call (403) 943-2673 to register or (403) 943-2665 for more information.
  • Talk to Your Health Professional
    Talk to your family doctor or dietitian and work with them to assess your blood lipid levels and develop a healthy eating plan.
    Don't have a Family Doctor?
    If you don't have a family doctor, call (403) 943-LINK(5465) or check out the online list of Doctors who are accepting new patients in the Calgary Health Region
  • Calgary Health Link
    Call the Health Link at (403) 943-LINK (5465) for information and resources on heart healthy eating and for a listing of how to access Registered Dietitians in the Calgary area.
  • Locate Community Health Resources in the Calgary Region
    Visit Inform Alberta. The site contains general info about community, health, social, and government services across the province. Once at the Web site, enter nutrition into the search area. The City of Calgary Information Centre at (403) 268-CITY (2489) can also provide you this information.
  • Locate a Registered Dietitian
    Visit the Dietitians of Canada Web site to locate a Registered Dietitian in your area.

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Free Cholesterol Screening
Know your numbers. Know your risk. If you have not had your cholesterol tested in the last year, visit a designated Calgary fire station for a free cholesterol screening. Help the Calgary Fire Department prevent one of the leading causes of medical calls it responds to each year.

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