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Active Living Resources in Calgary

Areas of Endeavour - Definitions

Awareness and Education
Initiatives that inform people about, increase knowledge of and/or create positive attitudes towards active living. Key activities include: development and dissemination of print, audiovisual and web-based active living information resources (including fact sheets, manuals and tool-kits), media strategies, telephone information and advice lines, referral to community-based active living programs, group presentations, classes and workshops.

Building Skills
Activities that provide opportunities to build skills and abilities around active living, including the delivery of recreational, play, sport or leisure programs and activities for all ages and abilities.

Policy and Advocacy
Activities that advocate for and/or create healthy public policies that encourage and support active living.

Supportive Environments
Initiatives that focus on creating environments (physical and social) that provide opportunities for, and support active living.

  • Alternative Transportation
  • Parks Enhancement and Conservation
  • Infrastructure (e.g. recreational facilities and pathways)
  • Other

Project Grants and Funding
Organizations that provide grants and other forms of funding for initiatives with an active living component.

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