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Calgary at a Glance


In November 2003, the Calgary Chronic Disease Network (CCN)1 , formerly the Calgary Cardiovascular Network, hosted a 2 ½ day planning workshop called CLANS (Connecting Local and National Strategies). The purpose of the workshop was to bring together groups and organizations in Calgary that are committed to health promotion and chronic disease prevention to develop a mutually supportive, coordinated, partnership-based action plan for the city for implementation over the next three to five years. The workshop focused on the importance of active living, healthy eating and tobacco reduction and their relation to chronic disease prevention (specifically cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes).

The first part of the workshop focused on workshop resources and information sharing. “Calgary at a Glance: An inventory of resources on active living, healthy eating and tobacco reduction” was developed as a resource for workshop participants and proved to be a key information sharing tool.

The purpose of the document was to:

  • provide a snapshot of what was happening in Calgary in health promotion and chronic disease prevention [as defined by or within the parameters of the CLANS project terms of reference and within the parameters as described in the inventory selection criteria in Appendix A]
  • increase awareness of community-based programs, services and networks (collaboration) related to health promotion and chronic disease prevention
  • provide reference material for CLANS Workshop participants
  • support the action planning by participants at the CLANS Workshop
  • potentially identify gaps and duplication in services.

Workshop participants evaluated “Calgary at a Glance” as a very useful tool that increased their awareness around existing local resources and programs in the area of chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Participants recommended:

  1. That “Calgary at a Glance” be verified and made available to a broader audience (e.g. online).
  2. That “Calgary at a Glance” be updated on an annual basis.
    A large number of participants reported having used or shared this tool since the CLANS workshop.

In March 2004, the Calgary Chronic Disease Network received additional funding from Health Canada for the verification and further dissemination of “Calgary at a Glance”, including the development of “Calgary at a Glance” as a web-based resource.


1 In June 2004, the Calgary Cardiovascular Network (CCN) expanded its mandate to encompass the four most prevalent ‘chronic’ diseases: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity. It was resolved that the Calgary Cardiovascular Network change its name to “Calgary Chronic Disease Network” to reflect this broadened scope. The acronym ‘CCN’ remained unchanged.

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