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How To Use This Inventory

The Inventory has two main sections:

Section I: Quick Reference Indices

To assist the reader in finding coalitions or organizations of interest, three quick-reference indices have been created. The three indices, representing the three focus areas of active living, healthy eating and tobacco reduction, are further subdivided into select activities in which coalitions and organizations might be engaged. These subcategories4 are referred to as ‘areas of endeavour’ and include:

  • Awareness and education;
  • Building skills;
  • Policy and advocacy;
  • Supportive environments; and
  • Project grants and funding.

As activities differ slightly from one focus areas to the next, definitions of each subcategory have been provided in each of the three indices. Coalitions and organizations may appear in more than one focus areas or subcategory depending on the type and number of activities in which they are involved.

Please note: Placement of coalitions and organizations within focus areas and subcategories was based solely on information provided in individual profiles. Categorizations are not intended as analysis, but simply as tools to help the reader navigate this document.

Section II: Profiles of Local Resources

Profiles in this section are listed alphabetically and contain the following information:

  • Name of coalition or organization
  • Name of initiative or program (where applicable)
  • Contact name and address
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Email and website addresses
  • Acronym*
  • Level (e.g. national, provincial, regional5, or local6)
  • Date established or project timeframe (where applicable)
  • Vision, mission or mandate
  • Purpose or goals
  • Description of programs or services provided
  • Type of members (where appropriate)
  • Partners and affiliates (may include committee members or member organizations)
  • Sponsors and funders (where appropriate)

Information provided is quoted, where possible, directly from coalition/organization websites or documents with minor editing.

Profile Verification

A verification process was undertaken in April and May 2004. During that period, each coalitions/organization appearing in this document was sent a copy of their individual profile and provided an opportunity to review, verify and approve the final version.

Every effort has been made to ensure profile information was current as of May 18, 2004.

* In order to maximize use of this document, all profiles have been identified both by organization name and by acronym. In all cases where an acronym is commonly used, that acronym is presented in this document. In situations where an acronym for the organization or organization portfolio does not exist, an appropriate acronym is used and the organization has been given the opportunity to review and comment during the verification process.


4 Subcategories and resulting definitions were created from knowledge of the initiatives and organizations profiled and from a comparative analysis of existing key health promotion/chronic disease prevention strategies – Alberta Healthy Living Network Framework, BC Heart Health Program, Calgary Chronic Disease Network, Integrated Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy and Nova Scotia Best Practices Approach to Health Promotion.

5 ‘Regional’ refers to the Calgary Health Region, Region 3.

6 ‘Local’ refers to the City of Calgary.

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