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About Calgary at a Glance

“Calgary at a Glance” provides snapshot profiles of over 100 local, Calgary-based coalitions2 and organizations whose efforts benefit, influence and/or involve the prevention of chronic disease (specifically cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer) through the promotion of active living, healthy eating and the reduction of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke. Also included in this inventory are provincial and national organizations that maintain a branch office in Calgary and/or provide (or have the potential to provide) assistance or service to Calgary.

Profiles in “Calgary at a Glance” are not limited to those working directly in the health promotion/chronic disease prevention field. A truly comprehensive approach to health promotion and chronic disease prevention requires input from all sectors of society. Therefore, every effort has been made to include profiles from coalitions and organizations in the wide variety of sectors.

This document is a resource for health promotion practitioners and others working to improve the health of Calgarians. It is hoped that this document will be used in program planning to identify current trends in active living, healthy eating and tobacco reduction, to encourage connections with like or complementary initiatives, and to enhance collaborative efforts around health promotion and chronic disease prevention in Calgary.

“The prerequisites and prospects for health cannot be ensured by the health sector alone. More importantly, health promotion demands coordinated action by all concerned: by governments, by health and other social and economic sectors, by nongovernmental and voluntary organizations, by local authorities, by industry and by the media.

People in all walks of life are involved as individuals, families and communities.

Professional and social groups and health personnel have a major responsibility to mediate between differing interests in society for the pursuit of health.

Health promotion strategies and programmes should be adapted to the local needs and possibilities of individual countries and regions to take into account differing social, cultural and economic systems.”
(Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986)3

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Information About the Web Version

The Web version of Calgary at a Glance is based on the printed version, and contains the same content as the original printed document, with the following exceptions:

  • the searchable database is a living document; that is, continually updated
  • the order of content presentation may appear differently than the print version
  • some wording has been altered to reflect the Web version
  • the Quick Reference Indices have been omitted in favour of the searchable database

Information About the Printed Document

View or download the document in PDF format here: Calgary at a Glance pdf (2834 KB)

Copyright © September 2004 Calgary Chronic Disease Network. All rights reserved. Please do not modify the printed document without permission from the Calgary Chronic Disease Network.

Calgary at a Glance: An inventory of resources on active living, healthy eating and tobacco reduction

Prepared by Susan Kehoe, M.A. (Project Consultant) with valuable participation by members of the Calgary Chronic Disease Network (formerly the Calgary Cardiovascular Network) and Connecting Local and National Strategies (CLANS) workshop participants.

For additional copies of the printed document contact:

Calgary Chronic Disease Network Secretariat
Community Development, Healthy Living
SE Community Portfolio, Calgary Health Region
Centre 15, 1509 Centre Street South
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2E6
Phone: (403) 943-8002
Fax: (403) 943-8011

Copies of the printed document may be downloaded at

Funding for the research, development, verification, and finalization of this publication was provided by the Population Health Fund, Health Canada. The opinions expressed in Calgary at a Glance (Web & printed) publications are those of the authors/researchers and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Health Canada.

Funding for the initial printing of the printed publication was provided by Becel Heart Health Information Bureau.


2 ‘Coalition’ refers to collaborative initiatives such as coalitions, networks, partnerships, and alliances. ‘Organization’ refers to organizational entities such as organizations, agencies, and groups
3Charter adopted at the First International Conference on Health Promotion, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, November 21, 1986. Co-sponsored by the Canadian Public Health Association, Health and Welfare Canada, and the World Health Organization

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