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Areas of Endeavour - Definitions 7

Awareness and Education (Denormalization)
Initiatives that inform people about the marketing strategies and tactics of the tobacco industry and the negative health effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke. The goal is to create new social norms regarding tobacco use. Key activities include: development and dissemination of print, audiovisual and web-based information resources (including fact sheets and tool-kits), media strategies, telephone information and advice lines, referral to community based tobacco reduction programs, group presentations, classes and workshops.

Cessation and Support
Initiatives that support smokers in their efforts to quit. Strategies may include group cessation programs, one-to-one counselling programs, or self support/self help resources and programs.

Policy and Advocacy (Protection and Prevention)
Initiatives aimed at protecting people by eliminating exposure to second hand smoke. Activities involve advocating for or creating smoke-free bylaws and policies eliminating tobacco use in public spaces and workplaces. Bylaws and policies may be at the organizational or institutional level, municipal or provincial level. This category may also include tobacco retailer compliance strategies aimed at preventing tobacco use among young people and legal strategies to regulate the tobacco industry.

Project Grants and Funding
Organizations that provide project grants and other forms of funding for initiatives with a tobacco reduction component.


7 These categories are loosely based on the four areas of tobacco reduction identified by Health Canada - Prevention, Cessation, Protection and Denormalization (The National Strategy: Moving Forward – The 2001 Federal, Provincial, Territorial Progress Report on Tobacco Control, 2001).


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