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Help You and Your Community Be More Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle involves more than making personal and family changes to eating healthy, being active, not smoking or learning to handle stress. Good health in our homes needs to be supported by communities, schools, workplaces and government policies that make "the healthy choices the easy choices."

Be a Role Model

Make healthy food choices and active living a part of your smoke-free lifestyle. See the Keep Yourself Healthy and Reduce Your Risk sections of this site for more information.

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Get Involved in Your Community

Take a look at the "way things are" in your community - whether it be your neighborhood, school, workplace, or place of worship - and explore options towards changing the environment to create one that is more supportive of cardiovascular health. Some examples include:

Encourage a Healthy Active Community

  • Put some physical activity breaks into meetings at your workplace, community or volunteer association, place of worship - or any other place where you or your children meet.
  • Start a walking group with neighbors or colleagues.
  • Sponsor or subsidize fitness memberships for staff at local fitness centres
  • Additional ideas - available at the Canadian Health Network Web site section on active living

Create Supportive Environments for being Smoke-Free

  • Enhance your employee benefit program to support smokers who want to quit
  • Offer smoking cessation courses for employees
  • Create policies that support a smoke-free workplace
  • Designate your home as smoke-free.
  • Support tobacco-free restaurants in the Calgary area
  • If you smoke - don't smoke in public places, especially those where children are present
  • Visit Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada Web site

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Link with Local Resources

The Handbook for Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living lists ideas that encourage an active living community. Visit their Web site at or call 1-888-334-9769 to order a copy.

Become involved in Alberta's Ever Active Alberta School program. Schools involved in this program are committed to developing, supporting, and promoting physical activity which is fun, safe, challenging, focused on learning, inclusive, well managed, and linked to the community. Ever Active Schools create a school ENVIRONMENT that supports and encourages active living initiatives and policies.

Coordinate a Jump Rope for Heart program in your school. This program focuses on developing heart-healthy lifestyles through literature, videos, CD's, posters, high-interest activities, and workshop materials. Jump Rope helps students make heart-healthy living choices. Call Jump Rope For Heart Program Coordinator at (403) 781-7135 for more information.

Become involved in Simply Healthy, an Alberta Cancer Board community-based initiative aimed at increasing awareness among Albertans about the value of eating 5 to 10 daily servings of vegetables and fruit. For further information on this initiative contact Carla McConnell or Monica Schwann at the Alberta Cancer Board at (403) 670-4862.

Lead or join a Collective Kitchen in your community. Collective kitchens provide an opportunity to prepare nutritious, affordable food with others in your community. For more information on Collective Kitchens in the Calgary area contact the Nutrition and Active Living Program, Calgary Health Region at 943-8127.

Lead or become involved in a Community Garden in your area. For a copy of the resource book "How to Start a Community Garden" or information on the Calgary Community Garden Resource Group or for a listing of community gardens in the Calgary area contact the Calgary Horticultural Society at 943-5537.

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Be an Advocate

  • Contact the administration of your or your childs' school and advocate for project/initiative that promotes healthy eating and makes healthy eating fun.
  • Become involved in outdoor environmental issues and Calgary Pathways issues through joining the Calgary Area Outdoor Council.
  • Contact the representative for your local school board and advocate for quality daily physical education in our schools for all youth in all grades.
  • Work towards a Smoke Free Community - in places where you work, meet, eat and play. To get involved at the municipal level contact Smoke Free Calgary
  • For additional information or to get involved at the provincial or national level visit the following Web sites:
  • Become involved in creating a healthy workplace environment. For documents and resources on workplace health - visit the Health Canada - Workplace Health Web site

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For more information

This way of looking at health is referred to in the professional community as the Population Health Approach. The Population health approach looks at and acts upon the broad range of factors and conditions, referred to as Determinants of Health that have a strong influence on our health.

For more information on the Population Health Approach and the determinants of health visit:

Health Canada - Population Health Approach Web site

Canadian Health Network Web site

Alberta Health and Wellness Web site

Visit The Alberta Heart Health Project Web site for a look at this approach on a provincial and heart health perspective.

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