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You can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease:

Reduce Your Risk - Control Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you are more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke. Diabetes usually develops in adults. You are especially at risk if someone in your family has diabetes. You can help control your diabetes by making some changes in how you live.

More Information

Looking for more information?

Check out these Programs

Programs and Services in the Calgary Area

  • Contact the Canadian Diabetes Association, Calgary & District Branch
    Telephone the office at 266-0620 or visit them at 7500 Macleod Trail S.W. for information and local programs and services.
  • Contact the Diabetes Education Centre
    In Calgary, phone (403) 943-2446 to find out more about diabetes topics.
  • Check out the Indo-Asian Diabetes Project
    This project scoped for 2002-2004 is an innovative, culturally-sensitive and community based Diabetes prevention and management program. For more information contact Dr. Shahnaz Davachi, Project Manager, Calgary Health Region at (403) 943-1664
  • Locate Community Health Resources in the Calgary Region
    Visit They provide a directory of community, health and social services in the Calgary Region. Once at the Web site, enter diabetes into the search area. The City of Calgary Information Centre at (403) 268-4636 (INFO) can also provide you this information.
  • Work with your health professional
    Work with your family doctor and health care professionals to control your diabetes.
    Don't Have a Family Doctor?
    If you don't have a family doctor, call (403) 943-LINK(5465) or check out the online list of Doctors who are accepting new patients in the Calgary Health Region

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