Evaluation of links or information for inclusion on CCN Web site

1. Authority

· Are the authors clearly identified?
· What are the authors' credentials, institutional affiliation, educational background, past writings, or experience?
· And, do these credentials qualify the author to write on this topic?
· Is the author cited in other sources?
· Where does the web page originate? Who sponsors it?
· If it is a published work, is it a credible publisher?
· Is there an email address or other method to contact the authors?

2. Accuracy

· Are you positive that the information is true and can the information be verified?
· Are the author's ideas supported with references?
· Is the medical information presented in a balanced and neutral form?
· Are there typographical errors or misspellings?
· Are charts or graphs easy to read and interpret?
· Would information from somewhere else have been different?

3. Purpose & Content

· Is the purpose of the page obvious (e.g., to inform, persuade, sell, etc.)?
· Are you satisfied that the information is useful for CCN visitors?
· Is the information on the topic thorough enough?
· What type of audience is the author addressing?
· Is the information too elementary or too technical?
· Are the links easy to identify and relevant to the subject?
· Is the webpage still under construction or is it complete?

4. Objectivity

· Does the information appear biased?
· Does the purpose of the page cause the author to be biased?
· Does the author express his or her opinion as fact?
· Are the ideas presented in line with other works on the same topic?
· Is the site a profit-based enterprise?
· Is the site free of advertising?
· If advertising is present, is it easy to differentiate it from informational content?

5. Ease of use

· Is the Web site easily navigable and presented in an organized manner?
· Is the information easily printable?
· Is the site organized logically?
· Are the main points clearly presented?
· Does the site engage the visitor to spend time there?

6. Currency

· Is the information current?
· Are there dates to indicate when written, when placed on the web, and when the last revision was done?
· Are the linked sites current?
· Is the frequency of planned updates and revisions stated?

7. Miscellaneous

· Are there any fees associated with using the information or accessing the links?
· If you are allowed to input information or submit queries, is a statement provided that explains whether or not this information is confidential and secure?
· Does the site have its own search engine?
· Has the site won any awards?

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