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Hypertension 2003 - An Overview

Following are two PowerPoint presentations intended to be given by health care professionals to either a public audience or an audience of hypertensive patients. The short version is 30 slides long and also contains 9 question slides that are intended to start audience discussion. There are accompanying lecture notes.

  • Hypertension 2003 Slide Kit (Full Version) - 3605 KB .zip file containing .ppt and lecture notes in pdf format
  • Hypertension 2003 Slide Kit (Short Version) - 1245 KB .zip file containing .ppt and lecture notes in pdf format

The long slide kit has 99 slides. This slide kit is intended to be presented over a series of encounters or for the presenter to select specific slides to be given in a shorter presentation. Lecture notes are provided to accompany the larger presentation.

The slide kits are the efforts of a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals as well as a joint effort of the Canadian Coalition for High Blood Prevention and Control, Canadian Cardiovascular Network, Canadian Hypertension Society, and Canadian Hypertension Education Program. Feedback on the slide kit can be addressed to It is intended that the slide kit and lecture notes will be updated annually.


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