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Frequently requested resources on this Website:

CCN Members' Update

CCN Members' Update: Nov 2005




Calgary at a Glance - Searchable Database Now Available ONLINE

Includes snapshot profiles of over 100 local, Calgary-based coalitions and organizations involved in promoting active living, healthy eating and the reduction of tobacco use. It is a resource for health promotion practitioners and others working to improve the health of Calgarians. MORE >

Smoke Free Calgary

Bigger and Better 100% Smoke-Free Listing!!

When you go out in Calgary, how do you know an establishment is smoke-free? Look for this signage

Hypertension 2003

Hypertension 2003 - An Overview

Two PowerPoint presentations intended to be given by health care professionals to either a public audience or an audience of hypertensive patients

Free Cholesterol Screening

Fourteen stations around the city provide screening seven days a week from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Cholesterol testing is painless, convenient and only takes a few minutes. Once you know your numbers, you can know if you are at risk for
cardiovascular disease.
What is cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular disease refers to a variety of diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. Find out more about cardiovascular disease from the Calgary Health Region's webpage on Understanding the Cardiovascular System.

The Calgary Cardiovascular Network includes people from a variety of sectors interested in heart health. We are advocates for community improvements to promote good cardiovascular health through heightened awareness and coordination of ongoing activities.

Cardiovascular disease is largely preventable, both by adopting a healthy lifestyle to lower risk factors and by identifying and providing treatment to high risk persons. The prevention of cardiovascular disease and early identification of people at risk requires a collective effort at the community level. It means creating an environment where healthy living is an easy and routine way of life.

What's New - Upcoming Events

Do you have an event, program or resource related to the prevention and control of both heart disease and stroke in our communities? Submit it here ...


Newspaper Coverage of Tobacco Related Health Issues is Rivaled by Incidental Tobacco Product Placement
December 7, 2005, 12-1 pm
BACS Centre Meeting Room #G801E
Health Sciences Centre, 3330 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta

Rosemary Perry, Centre for the Study of Social and Physical Environments and Health will describe the pattern of media reporting in Alberta of tobacco issues during a two year period when tobacco control policies were stepped up. Media content analysis of the province's two major newspapers found results in keeping with the tobacco industry’s aggressive new ways to promote their product. To reserve a place for this, contact


GO2 is an exciting new city-wide initiative, which will encourage all Calgarians to include physical activity into their daily lives. The initiative is a partnership between community organizations in Calgary that have a vested interested in encouraging healthy, vibrant, physically active Calgarians. In spring 2006, GO2 is set to roll out its campaign, which will include unveiling of the name, logo, and website with an update and introduction of the initial target populations. Contact Heidi Reisch or Jason Bostick for details.


Snactivity Classes
Begins January 2005

These FREE classes provide information about healthy eating and active living classes for parents of preschool children. The two-hour sessions begin in January 2005 and are offered at various locations throughout the city.

For more information and dates, view the Calgary Health Region Snactivity Class Schedule PDF



Clearing the Air Compact Disk Resource
This resource contains a ten minute video highlighting some of the key strategies used to successfully implement the Calgary Health Region's smoke-free property policy. The video and attached resources are
intended to answer the many questions organizations have when working towards implementing a smoke-free property policy and facilitate policy implementation.
For more information email Shannon Parker

Clearing the Air: The Case for 100% Smoke-Free Health Facility Properties
This national videoconference is a collaboration between Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene, Calgary Health Region and Northern Lights Health Region (northern Alberta). Due to the overwhelming interest the presentation will be webcast and archived for one year.

Free Health Promotion Course
The Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS) developed a free course, "Health Promotion 101," as a collaborative effort between its 22 member organizations with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.


Alberta Centre for Active Living: New Issue of Research Update – June 2005
Articles include "Leisure-Time Physical Activity (LTPA) among Albertan Adults, 2000-2005", "Healthy Growth in Children Toolkit: Translating Public Policy into Frontline Practice"

June 2005 Issue of Wellspring
Canada on the Move is a web-based research platform designed to collect information about Canadians' physical activity levels. Find out how Canada on the Move is expanding its mandate as a research, evaluation, and partnership tool.

Sunright Sun
The Alberta Cancer Board is pleased to invite community leaders (e.g., parents, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, and others) in the former Headwaters Health Authority to view bi-weekly editions of the Sunright Sun e-newsletter! This summer, don't miss this informative new component of our award-winning Sunright campaign

Public Health Goals Underway for Canada
The development of Canada's first national public health goals passed an important milestone Wednesday, June 29, at a meeting of health leaders and elected officials with Federal Minister of State (Public Health) Carolyn Bennett. The meeting was the first session planned to take stock of the input that has been gathered through an extensive consultation process that began on March 29, 2005.

Southern Alberta Child and Youth Health Network (SACYHN) Spring 2005 Newsletter
This newsletter has interesting articles including one on the Whole School Mental Health Promotion pilot project in Calgary to support the mental health of children and youth.

Canadian Health Network News Capsule
As the Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Affiliate for the Canadian Health Network (CHN), Capital Health is responsible for providing credible, comprehensive and up-to-date cardiovascular disease and stroke information for the CHN website. Check out the online news capsules.

July Issue of Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD)
The July issue is now available.


Program Checklist Group Smoking Cessation
This ten-page document uses the Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative's Better Practices Model to help you select programs and strategies for group smoking cessation. The advice in this checklist can help you decide how well your group cessation program meets standards of "Better Practice."
Source: Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail Bulletin 412 May 13, 2005

National Population Health Survey: Healthy aging 1994/95 to 2002/03
Read the results of this survey available from Statistics Canada.

Revised edition of "The IDM Manual: a Guide to the Interactive Domain Model (IDM) Approach to Best Practices for Better Health"
The IDM Manual sections include: an explanation of the model and framework, answers to frequently asked questions, the guidelines upon which the IDM is based, using the framework, evidence framework, research and evaluation, and reports on using the IDM.
Source: Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail Bulletin 413 May 20, 2005


Try Something New (TSN) - TAKE 2
This multi-media initiative is designed to inspire kids to try a new physical activity, a new nutritious snack, a new healthy active attitude.

Alberta Coalition for Healthy School Communities (ACHSC)
The Executive Committee of the Alberta Coalition for Healthy School Communities (ACHSC) is pleased to announce the official launch of a new website to further the ACHSC mission: “to promote and foster healthy school communities through a comprehensive school health approach that enhances the health of Alberta children and youth."

Make Your VOICE Count!
This new, on-line guide to collaborative health policy development includes innovative tools and resources that have been developed to increase the capacity of Voluntary Organizations Working in Health (VOWH) and government to influence policy development. Highlights include an adaptable policy training workshop, reading rooms, planning tools, library and more.

Consultations Website from Social Development Canada
The site offers all Canadians the chance to express their views and share their ideas on social issues that are important to them. Participate in this consultative process by sharing your thoughts and stories. The feedback collected will help inform the department's work -- so the more people participate, the more effective the process.
Source: Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail Bulletin 412 May 13, 2005


The content displayed on the Calgary Cardiovascular Network (CCN) Web site is intended to provide information and links to other sources for more information about heart disease and stroke. Although the information and Web site links are provided by reliable sources, under no circumstances should they be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice. CCN and its information contributors assume no responsibility for how the information presented is used by the public.

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