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The Calgary Cardiovascular Network (CCN) is a local group whose mandate is to work together with all interested parties to prevent and control cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) in our communities.

The network is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral group made up of representatives of the medical, nursing, nutrition and fitness professions, community and volunteer agencies, commodity groups, retailers and education.

There are two levels of membership for CCN:

Partner Voting Member

Associate Non-Voting Member


A Partner Voting Member is defined as any non-profit agency, government entity, institution (or division thereof) or for profit entity with an interest in or a desire to contribute to the cardiovascular health of Calgarians.

Each voting member, as defined, will nominate one individual to have their proxy and represent their interests at CCN. No individual designated voting member may profit directly from any CCN activities.


An Associate Non-voting Member includes those agencies, groups, individuals, corporate entities that have an interest in CCN activities and networking but are not allowed to vote.

All prospective members in all categories must complete a CCN membership application form (pdf, 154kb) which will be reviewed by the Membership Committee for recommendation to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee has the sole right to accept and/or reject any application for membership and will be guided by its established membership policies and guiding principles (as above).

There is no charge for membership in the CCN.

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