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Keep Yourself Healthy

Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. Learning how to positively handle and deal with stress can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.


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Programs and Services in the Calgary Area

Here are some ways to help you reduce and / or manage your stress:

  • Talk to Your Health Professional
    Talk to your family doctor or mental health professional and work with them to reduce your stress.
    Don't have a Family Doctor?
    If you don't have a family doctor, call 403-943-LINK (5465) or check out the online list of Doctors who are accepting new patients in the Calgary Health Region
  • Locate Community Health Resources in the Calgary Region
    Visit They provide a directory of community, health and social services in the Calgary Region. Once at the Web site, enter stress management into the search area. The City of Calgary Information Centre at (403) 268-4636 (INFO) can also provide you this information.
  • Women's Workshops
    Women are invited to check out one of the Calgary Health Region's workshops for women.
  • Find Local Counselling Services
    Check out the "yellow pages" of the phone book for local counselling services.
  • Calgary Parks and Recreation Courses
    Contact the Calgary Parks and Recreation for courses on relaxation, massage and yoga. These courses are listed in their Program Guide available across Calgary on newsstands at: Safeway, Calgary Coop, Superstore, convenience stores, Calgary Public Library locations and Calgary Parks & Recreation facilities. Or check out the Program Guide online. Course details on relaxation are listed under the Fitness Health and Wellness section and Yoga courses are listed separately.
  • Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association
    Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association - Alberta South Central Region - Calgary office at 297-1716 or 297-1713 for information on stress prevention and management programs and services in the Calgary area.

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