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This Resource Page is divided into several sections, providing links to sites of importance and interest to our vision:

Strategy Documents

Health Promotion in Canada 1974-2004: Lessons Learned, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of the Lalonde report that created a framework for understanding the four primary influences on health: human biology, environment, lifestyle and health-care organization. The Lalonde report spawned a number of health promotion initiatives, but the CMA paper says these never fully achieved the vision of the original report. While it welcomes the government's new public health agenda, the CMA paper is concerned that health promotion is not given the same prominence as disease prevention activities. It specifically recommends that the new Public Health Agency of Canada "be a complete organism that fully balances health protection and health promotion." (added Jan 2/05)

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Key Policy Documents

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Professional Educational Materials

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Surveillance Data

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Key Links

For a comprehensive listing of health related links visit the Calgary Health Region - Your Health Web site.

Professional Focus:

Aboriginal Children's Circle of Early Learning Website
The ACCEL is a fully functioning bilingual, web portal clearinghouse on Aboriginal early childhood development (ECD).

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Alberta Healthy Living Network

Alberta Heart Health Project

Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Canadian Coalition for High Blood Pressure Prevention and Control

Canadian Lipid Nurse Network

Canadian Medical Association

Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

Dietitians of Canada - Newsroom

Health Canada - Health Promotion Online

Health Canada - Heart Health Initiative

Health Canada - Population Health Approach - Key Documents

Health Canada - Workplace Health

Health in Action

Healthy Eating is in Store for You.

Heart Health Resource Centre (HHRC)

Heart Healthy Kit

Ontario Heart Health Network

The Canadian Hypertension Society

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Public Focus:

Calgary Health Region - Your Health

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Health Network - Health Information You Can Trust

CardioVision 2020

The Canadian Heart Health Network - Heart Health (focus)

Dietitians of Canada

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada/ Fondation des maladies du coeur du Canada

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut

Health Canada - Nutrition - Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Health Canada - Physical Activity Guide Web site

Health Canada - Tobacco

Health Check - Smart Choices Made Simple

Heart Healthy Kit

Smoke-Free Calgary

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