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You can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease:

Reduce Your Risk - Stop Smoking

Choose to be a non-smoker and to avoid second-hand smoke.
Smokers are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop heart disease than non-smokers. Smoking and smokeless tobacco are responsible for more deaths than any other health risk. Quitting smoking will reduce your risk of heart disease and other tobacco related diseases such as cancer.


More Information

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Check out these Programs

Programs and Services in the Calgary Area

  • Bigger and Better 100% Smoke-Free Listing!!
    Looking for a 100% smoke-free location to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks, to play billiards or go bowling? Smoke-Free Calgary has responded to your many requests for a 100% smoke-free establishments in the Calgary area by developing a searchable, electronic database. Look for this sign in Calgary's Smoke-Free establishments.
  • Talk to Your Health Professional
    Talk to your family doctor and work with them to understand your smoking and help you quit smoking when you are ready.
    Don't have a Family Doctor?
    If you don't have a family doctor, call 403-943-LINK (5465) or check out the online list of Doctors who are accepting new patients in the Calgary Health Region
  • Quitting Resources in the Calgary Area
    Visit the Calgary Health Region's Your Health Web site at for a list of quitting resources (pdf) in the Calgary area.
  • Locate Community Health Resources in the Calgary Region
    Visit They provide a directory of community, health and social services in the Calgary Region. Once at the Web site, enter smoking cessation into the search area. The City of Calgary Information Centre at (403) 268-4636 (INFO) can also provide you this information.

Resources for Professionals

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Register your support for a non smoking bylaw in Calgary
Visit the Smoke Free Calgary Web site

Sign the Smoke Free Calgary Petition

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