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You can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease:

Achieve a Healthy Weight (Body Mass Index)

If you are overweight, you are more likely to have heart disease. Excess weight can raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol and lead to diabetes. It matters where your body stores its excess fat. People who carry most of their fat around their stomachs have a higher risk of having heart disease and diabetes than those who carry it around their hips.


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Check out these Programs

Programs and Services in the Calgary Area

  • Contact the University of Calgary's Health Management Programs
    The University of Calgary's Health Management programs are designed to help you take steps toward making changes to your health. Contact Carolyn Bedford at (403) 220-5189.
  • Evaluate Weight Control Programs
    Make sure you evaluate any weight control program you are looking at. Use this checklist for selecting a weight loss program
  • Talk to Your Health Professional
    Talk to your family doctor or dietitian and work with them to understand your weight and help to control your weight.
    Don't have a Family Doctor?
    If you don't have a family doctor, call 403-943-LINK (5465) or check out the online list of Doctors who are accepting new patients in the Calgary Health Region
  • Calgary Health Link
    Call the Health Link at (403) 943-LINK (5465) for information and resources on healthy eating and for a listing of how to access Registered Dietitians in the Calgary area.
  • Locate Community Health Resources in the Calgary Region
    Visit They provide a directory of community, health and social services in the Calgary Region. Once at the Web site, enter weight loss or nutrition into the search area. The City of Calgary Information Centre at (403) 268-4636 (INFO) can also provide you this information.
  • Find A Nutrition Professional
    How can you ensure that you are getting quality nutrition advice? By consulting a qualified dietitian! This web-site profiles the profession of dietetics and nutrition and how to get in touch with a qualified nutrition professional

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Use this Body Mass Index Calculator to find it

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