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This section is focused on steps you can take to keep yourself healthy and what you can do to create and support a healthy community.

Keep Yourself Healthy

You can take steps to prevent heart disease and stroke by adopting a healthy lifestyle. In this section you will find information about how to Keep Yourself Healthy:

Reduce Your Risk

You can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and stroke by managing and controlling those risk factors that you can do something about. Take some steps to Reduce Your Risk by using the information in this section:

Help Your Community Be More Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle involves more than making personal and family changes to eating healthy, being active, not smoking or learning to handle stress. Good health in our homes needs to be supported by communities, schools, workplaces and government policies that make "the healthy choices the easy choices." This section is about your role in Helping Your Community Be More Healthy. [details]

Living with Heart Disease

Living with heart disease and stroke is easier when you know what services and resources canhelp you. This section will help you find the best resources and services for individuals and families living with Heart Disease and Stroke. [details]

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